PP32 Specimen Book — $80.00

*** Collector's item — Run of 250 Copies ***

Welcome to the first edition of (hopefully) many of our very own Specimen collection. Pangram Pangram has grown a lot in the past few years welcoming a myriad of new collaborators and releasing various beautiful typefaces.

I wanted to highlight and commemorate all the hard work of the great talents surrounding Pangram Pangram with this collectible item. Studio Ground Floor were the perfect match to bring this idea to a whole new level and make this thing that you’re holding in your hands come to life.

Choose your next go to typeface, get inspired or just run your fingers on the beautiful Orange 021 C cloth but please enjoy each and every moment of it as much as we enjoyed creating each 448 pages.

Ships in 2-4 Weeks

PP32 Specimen Book

A collated volume of 32 typefaces
by Pangram Pangram®
Montréal, Canada ©2022
Run of 250

Designed by
Alice Sherwin, Emma Judd & Harry Bennett
of Studio Ground Floor
London, UK

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Cloth Bound / Swiss Binding
Pantone 021 C
Printed on Maxioffset, 140gsm
by die Keure Bruges, Belgium