Acma .Studio Tote

Limited Edition Acma .Studio Tote Bag

Studio print commemorating the launch of PP Acma.
25 Litres XL Natural Canvas Tote bag with inside pocket and Closing Zipper. Huge .Studio print set in Acma. Info in smaller texts.

This will be your next best Tote bag for the Fall Season. Large enough for a decent grocery run or to visit a friend for the week-end!

Ships within 2-4 Weeks.

Canvas Tote Bag

.Studio written in Acma — Zipped

Designed by
Mat Desjardins
Pangram Pangram®

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XL — 25 Litres
100% Resistant Canvas
Big + Small compartments
With Zipper

20" x 15" x 5"
20" x 26" x 5"
[with Handles]

Printed by Station 16
Made in Montreal